There are only a handful of female artists today that have the ability to not only capture an audience with her looks but to also captivate them with her voice. There is an even smaller number of female artists that are able to have the look as well as the voice but still not have that missing factor that icons are made of. Deina Andreou has all of those ingredients as well as a little something extra that makes her an undeniable force that the world has yet to encounter. Born and raised in London, Deina’s mother is greek and her father is Jamaican, Native American and German. Deina has always had a great talent and appreciation for music. Today she stands alone on the brink of something special. With her own unique sense of style as well as her own indisputable sound she is ready to take the world by storm as she begins her journey into stardom. She has been compared to many but it is almost impossible to group her in a category because she is so diverse. She is the perfect blend between commercial pop and indie ­market soul. Her passion is unquestionable and her drive to be successful is inspiring.