Shaquille is a singer/musician/songwriter who has roots in R&B and acoustic music. Shameer is a dancer/rapper/producer whose style is influenced by a fusion of hip-hop and sub-genres. Each of them inhabits different art forms, which has recently spread into a wider spectrum of music genres and styles. "NotTwins" seeks to continue this growth by blending together their range of influences to create a sound that is fresh, relevant, authentic and unique.


P£SO equipe Collective from Manchester, Members ShoSho & Lexso who have a different sound to their music, went on the Dun Talking Tour supporting Kojo Funds in 2017 also releasing The P£SONIAN Sweave E.P in the Summer 2017.

Bianca Alana is a 27-year-old artist from Manchester. Bianca started off her music career in 2006, singing with various local Hip Hop and Grime artists which lead to a number of support shows including The Fall and The Underground Heroes. In 2011, Bianca went to America to further her music career and toured with acoustic band Flight of Miranda before collaborating with producers Jivin Scientists for a project with USA Rappers Cash Lansky and Jabee, under Murs’ 316 Label. Bianca went on to write and sing vocals for a number of House, EDM, Drum and Bass, Jungle, RnB, Hip Hop and Garage producers and is now working on her career as a solo artist and producer.

The Katanas are proud Mancunian twin sisters. Making music since childhood, The Katanas have always been passionate about their craft. The past 4 years has seen the pair working transatlantically between Atlanta and the UK and after years of hard work and soul searching the sisters have decided to go back to basics and make music that inspires them, as a result, they have managed to combine the reality of their world and experiences with the hope and promise that Soul music offers, which has led them to create a sound they call 'Cosmic Soul'. The Jupiter Chronicles’ their first project expected to land in the first quarter.