Seasoned British R&B/Soul musician Frank Addai (formerly known as ‘Just Frank’) is back with his long awaited and highly anticipated single titled ‘Feeling You’. Following his classic R&B reworking of Naughty Boy’s ‘Runnin’ (Lose It All)’ hit single featuring Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin, which was met with rave reviews and acclaim earlier this year, the East London native takes us down a captivating Soulful House route for his brand new single ‘Feeling You’.

Produced by Solarium, who has previously worked with Justin Timberlake, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, to mention a few, ‘Feeling You’ sees Frank Addai in glorious form, as he showcases his smooth and infectious vocals, and relatable lyrics about “endless possibilities” with his leading lady, over the infectious bass-heavy synth keys and drums driven soulful house musical backdrop.

Speaking about how this new record ‘Feeling You’ came about, Frank Addai says, “The song stemmed from a simple phone call I had with Solarium, about my desire to create some soulful House music that is R&B melody heavy. I wanted people to vibe to the music, but also appreciate the musical sensibilities. Solarium led on the production and writing on this record, and as soon as I heard the track, I thought it was a banger. I just had to record it and put it out there”.

With further collaborations with Solarium to come, and his sophomore EP due for release at the start of 2018, ‘Feeling You’ is the first of two new singles we can expect before the year is over, from Frank Addai, who comes with strong support and critical acclaim from the likes of MTV UK, ILUVLIVE, SingersRoom, Flavour Magazine and the MOBO Awards.