'Ain’t Fooling Me’ is the 2nd track on the sophomore EP ‘P.A.U’ (Politics As Usual), from 22-year-old Artist/Songwriter/Musician Fred Fredas.

Released on January 27th, Fred Fredas wrote ‘Ain’t Fooling Me’ from a female's perspective towards the scenario of being emotionally and mentally broken by a male.‘Ain’t Fooling Me’ follows the spectrum of emotions within a destructive relationship, and displays the internal battle between the females past and present self. This tale of heartbreak effortlessly evolves within a short duration 3 minute and 39 seconds.

The Ain’t Fooling Me’ music video –directed by Yasmin Afifi, is a dramatically vivid display of the females internal battle between her past and present self. By casting twins to play the females two different sides, ‘Kindness’ and ‘Hate’, it is a clear demonstration of the scenario that unfolds throughout Fredas’ story-like, lyrical flow.In the video we see ‘Kindness’ try to consul ‘Hate’ –however, this proves unsuccessful and the two sides battle; until fate forces them to become one. Fredas explains,“To summarise these video...when situations happen to us, we are constantly battling within ourselves, it feels as though we are trapped and the question we ask ourselves is...Will we allow the demon within us to prevail, or the love within us to prevail?”