“A blend of the golden age and the new, all wrapped together in a showering of different hues” Noisey
“One of the most optimistic, playful rappers out there” Notion | “Crosses between themes of creative identity and throwback nostalgia” Complex UK

Ash Shakur aka Art Life Ash is an experimental musician, illustrator and all round creative from South London with a strong DIY ethic which chimes through across all his content. Known for a soulful and positive approach to hip hop, musically he combines old and nu skool sounds with a lyricism that blends social commentary with personal goings on, often tackling sensitive topics in an uplifting way.

His new single ‘Never Alone’ deals with the issue of alienation, in typically upbeat fashion. He explains:

“I’m speaking to that person who feels like the world has turned its back ­­on them.  It’s not easy to share your problems or frustrations with the people around you and sometimes we create isolation. I wanted the verses to feel like I’m speaking directly to you like we’re sitting on a park bench. I feel like we are never really alone if we share our issues; life is too short to hold things in.”

“Sonically, this record can make you dance and get lost in the music yet at the same time make you think once it’s digested. It’s very therapeutic to me, I wanted a chorus that was fun and easily remembered.”

Previous tracks ‘Nokia’, ‘Shine’ and ‘Who Is It’ have turned heads at radio and online with platforms such as BBC 1Xtra, Radar Radio, Noisey, Notion, Complex UK and Huck Mag all championing the flourishing artist. As co-founder of the collective Art Life Central, he has spent the past few years expressing himself through fashion and art as well as music. His outside of the box approach to music making comes from this art and design background and it’s this which underpins all of his content. ‘Hare’, the illustrated logo which he reps in all of his artwork has fast become his trademark branding, as a clothing line of hats, Ts and bags have become a much in demand piece of street wear amongst those in the know.