Following the release of his debut track ‘Colour’ ft. Femme, Nearly Native has revealed his next release, ‘I Have Been Waiting’.

The song reveals more of the expansive sonic world of Nearly Native with its dark, distorted vocal and UK Garage influenced beats.

Nearly Native is a music project conceived by London based James Leggett. Until now, the fast-rising producer, musician and songwriter has been responsible for some eye-opening moments and jaw-dropping left turns in pop and electronic music. Whether this be as guitarist for Jonas Blue, co-writing and producing for V V Brown, co-producing new EP Visions (July 2017) for Akala, or writing hits for a plethora of other artists. He’s even been in a band with Hollywood superstar Jamie Dornan.

Nearly Native draws from a broad range of influences, from the ambient soundscapes and jarring soundtracks from films such as Requiem for a Dream, to the classic UK garage sound. At the heart of each production is a pure, organic, musical element - Leggett staying true to his roots as a musician first and foremost.