ILUVLIVE returned on 24th April with another blazing line-up, this time presenting 2017’s Hot List.
Let’s kick this off by talking about Autumn Sharif from South East London – WOW, what a beautiful voice. Some of you may recognise her as a contestant from The Voice, 2015 where she shone week in, week out and made it to the quarter-finals. Something that is hard to come by these days is music with substance. Autumn’s music discusses experiences and ideas in a heartfelt way, you can definitely hear, feel and see her emotions when she performs. With a versatile approach to various tempos and styles, I have to mention her amazing falsetto range. Some of the notes Mariah Carey would struggle to hit nowadays, Autumn makes it seem so effortless combined with her pure and soulful voice.

Next up was Miraa May, hailing from the North side of London, one of my favourite artists to hear live. How she explores multiple genres such as trap, soul and reggae makes for an interesting and fun performance. Miraa May’s voice has such a great tone and ability. The way she uses vocal embellishments is like the sprinkling of icing sugar on top of a cake. May’s lyrics although sung sweetly throughout most of the time, I must say are surprisingly written almost in a rap style which some people may even describe as “greazy”, for example, “you tried to come holla my line, I told a boy boom bye bye” and “don’t make me put a price on your life”. I love that her whole essence oozes that don’t-mess-with-me kind of vibe, sticking it to time-wasting men.

Matt Wills followed next, bringing his singer-songwriter style infused with RnB and Pop. Reminiscent of Ed Sheeran through his delivery and lyrics, his performance was very engaging and the crowd singing along.  Listening to some of his original music, songs like Emily really showed his unique vocals and his talent for song mash-ups. Hailing from Kent, Matt Wills has seen the support from the likes of BBC Introducing and has toured with artists such as Halsey and Alessia Cara. At such a young age with so much talent, this guy is destined to be a pop star!

Just when I thought the Hot List couldn’t get any hotter, we saw the likes of SNE aka Hackney’s Golden Child (amongst many other aliases) grace the ILUVLIVE stage. SNE both raps and sings, embodying the 90s vibe from back then throughout his music, also evident in some of the samples used in some of his songs too. For those who haven’t seen SNE perform before, it may have come as a surprise to some of the ladies who were drawn out of the crowd to be serenaded. Choosing to cater to the ladies for this particular performance, you should know that this guy has a lot to offer when it comes to lyrics and grittiness. SNE is going from strength to strength with each performance. Look out for more of his music coming up this year.

Also from the East side of London and last to bless the stage was Jammz. If you’ve been following Grime for a little while, you’ve definitely seen him before. He’s been featured on Red Bull’s Grime MCs Clashes as well as Red Bull Music’s Academy Tour. If you want to talk about energy, this guy is schooling a lot of artists including some that are already seasoned! Featuring his signature bucket hat, Jammz has a knack for extraordinary, super-saiyan flows blended with heavy lyrical content to which you may have to pull up to take in properly, word for word.  Tracks like Hit & Run and It’s a London Thing is a perfect example.  His performance at ILUVLIVE went down well and received a lot of love from the audience after his set. Just when I thought the Hot List couldn’t get any better, Jammz came with the flames!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the featured artists, they’re all set to do big things! Make sure you’re following across all socials to stay up to date with the latest news as well as future shows. See you next time!

Written by @Riannesworld