I have been aware of Young Kye for almost a decade and he has made cameo's on releases from Wiley, J2K and Manga. He is very much a mentor to youth UK mumble rap sensation Nafe Smallz who has had Youtube on fire since 2012 with his Future similar soundscapes.

It's now Kye's time with an LP which is for the roads, for the west end ravers and for independent thinker. These are indeed three traits that form this rapper from Luton. He is emotional, cold and smart in his delivery over soundscapes that you could envision you would hear on a Drake, Future or Jeremiah album. For this period we are in now in rap this musically sounds like a radio mix you can expect to hear on 1Xtra on even a set from a DJ if Faded was still on a monthly basis.

Young Kye is clever in his subject matters and sonically blending autotune with lyrical prowess at a level we really see. Similar to Drake the songs are well crafted and feature musical changes and blends that have become signature trademarks of Kendrick Lemar's work. It's almost as if Kye has really paid attention to many of the current top boys and taken it on board.

He is assisted by young Nafe Smallz, dancehall infused KongLit, grime dons Wiley, Dot Rotten and Izzy Gibbs and soulful Paris Shields along with a few more and highlights come on tracks such as 'Higher', 'Hold On Wait' and 'Anyone' the singles as well as the deep and sonic masterpiece 'Die Young Live Forever'. Even the Interludes are fire!

In a congested market of rap music from the UK recently make sure you give Young Kye's 'What They Didn't Want' a thorough listen and you might find it a contender for one of the best projects this year.

Words by John Hendrickse